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Folding truck bed ladder

I made this ladder for the outside of my grain bed to lay flat against the truck side until needed. It folds down and out about 6 inches for use; this lowers the bottom step and gives safe and comfortable footing for climbing the ladder. The side rails tip in about 15° at the top so they can be taller without interfering with the truck's roll tarp when the ladd
Folding truck bed ladder

Keep cottonwood seeds off of AC unit

The fluffy seeds from area cottonwood trees coated the condenser on my home’s air-conditioning unit. I felt this was costing me valuable electricity and resulting in poor cooling performance. I built this large air filter from 1×2 square tubing, window screen, and channels designed for screen porches. Now the AC
HVAC compressor screen

Pigs Follow the Crowd

Moving hogs into a hallway can be challenging sometimes: The hall is usually colder, brighter, and new to them, so they tend to stop at the door. We made this temporary panel the same width as the door with a plastic mirror attached to the front. It is latched onto the hallway at floor level opposite the door before we start moving hogs. W
Pig mirror for sorting

Grain bin computer shelter

Metal building protects the electronic controls for the grain dryer from the elements – and looks good doing it.
Grain bin computer housing

“The mail is here!”

I fastened a non-self-closing face-mount cabinet hinge onto the mailbox door. A 2.53.75-inch piece of scrap from an aluminum barn door frame – white on one side, red on the other. This is heavy enough that traffic won’t blow it down. When the door is opened, the indicator falls down. W
Mail delivery mailbox

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